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Terminal illness care pack

Terminal illness care pack

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Terminal illness care pack

Hearing that your illness cannot be cured, or that someone you care for is at the end of life, can be a frightening experience.

Our care pack aims to give some understanding of what it means to be in a good place to die – physically, emotionally, spiritually and crucially with the right care and support in place. 

It details what to expect at the end-of-life, what medicines can be given to ease symptoms, and offers practical ways that relatives and carers can help.

The Terminal illness care pack includes:

Terminal illness and end-of-life care gives detailed information on how to cope with terminal illness, where to find support, and end-of-life care options.

Medical appointments – preparation and notes: helps patients prepare for their medical consultations, and record what was advised.

Observation record: how to take simple medical observations at home and record your symptoms to help the medical team diagnose illness efficiently. To monitor your full observations at home, you will need the following items available from your local pharmacy or easily available to order online:
~ a digital thermometer
~ a blood pressure monitor
~ a pulse oximeter
~ weighing scales

Emergency information (2 copies): a short form to pass on vital information to hospitals, carers etc with contact details, medical needs and care support.

Hospital stay checklists: guidance on what patients might like to take with them for an inpatient stay, what they need to remember to take back with them and what they hospital may give them on their return home.

Advance statement of wishes: a form to detail exactly how you would choose to be cared for should decisions have to be made on your behalf.

I am immuno-compromised lanyard: comes with collar clip and belt/bag strap


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