NHS 'self care' is about taking responsibility for your own health and having the confidence to use the right service at the right time.

'Self care' has been an NHS England initiative since 2014 where people are encouraged to take more control of their health including self-treatable conditions, long term conditions, and lifestyle choices to ensure better physical health and mental wellbeing.

It's about understanding when you can look after yourself, when a pharmacist can help, and when to get advice from your GP or other health professional.  

It's a great initiative – no one wants to wait in A&E unnecessarily for 6 hours – but are their 'supported self-management' plans trickling down to the likes of you and me?

I certainly hadn't heard of 'self care' until I got quite deep into researching my care packs, but I have been feeling for a number of years now (since my mother got diagnosed with Lymphoma) that self-care was increasingly necessary due to an overstretched NHS.

There is a mountain of really good NHS information available, but it seems to mainly be online and scattered in so many places. To really get to understand a symptom or illness it takes weeks of online searches, which few are likely to complete.




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