Brain food to help fight dementia

Brain food to help fight dementia

Dementia is something I live with everyday as my father progresses and although I come from a family that has always eaten very healthily, I am a keen follower of any new research that comes to light – I need all the help I can get for my own brain! An article in The Times a few weeks ago caught my eye.

Max Lugavere has been looking in to the science in his books Genius Foods and Genius Kitchen, and here's a taster of some of his tips:

– The ideal human diet for the brain to thrive is an omnivorous one. Eat lean cuts of meat. Red meat is nutrient dense with omegas, vitamin B12, zinc and it's loaded with creatine.

– Olive oil is a brain health hero for the anti-inflammatory compound oleocanthal it contains.

– Dark chocolate and berries contain polyphenols which feed the brain and gut health.

– Eat slow release carbs for energy and to keep active.


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